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Nashville Predators

Predators Last-Minute Win Sends Avalanche Play-By-Play Guy Off The Deep End



Avalanche play-by-play broadcaster Marc Moser

With their 4-3 win over the Colorado Avalanche on Monday night, the Nashville Predators accomplished something only 11 other teams ever have in the modern era: score a game-tying and game-winning goal in the final 60 seconds of regulation, per ESPN Stats & Info.

While many were celebrating the improbability of what the Predators accomplished against one of the top teams in the Western Conference, Avalanche play-by-play broadcaster and Altitude radio host Marc Moser was not amused. Not even a little.

During a 3:15 segment on Tuesday’s “Moser, Lombardi & Kane,” Moser became borderline unhinged as he tried to make sense of Nashville’s improbable comeback, which saw Filip Forsberg and Yakov Trenin score goals 18 seconds apart in the final 38 seconds of the third period, going as far as to blame the glass panes at Bridgestone Arena while absolving Avalanche defenseman Cale Makar of all wrongdoing.

“Not all rinks are created equal, and that stupid-ass rink — in between every pane of glass, they have a divider that connects the panes of glass,” Moser quipped. “Some rinks have what’s called seamless glass…so when you throw a puck off the glass, it can do unpredictable things. And (Makar) had the angle…but it hit the side of the divider and bounced literally straight back out and popped in front of the net.

“What the hell are the odds of that happening? The best player on planet earth perhaps, throws it off the mother-trucking glass and it bounces straight the hell out front into the crease? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

I guess Marc never got the memo that the NHL actually mandated teams switch from seamless glass to Plexiglas (with dividers) in 2011 because it has more give and is actually safer for players because it causes fewer injuries?

(For reference Ball Arena, home of the Avalanche, uses an NHL-approved hybrid glass that is easier on the body than seamless but not as flexible as Plexiglas)

“The Avs didn’t play their best game,” Moser shouted. “But they played good enough to damn win the game.”

Evidently not, Marc.

“The problem is you just couldn’t get a clear, and poor Bowen Byram, he’s out there for 2:30 on that shift,” Moser continued. “Mikko (Rantanen) was out there for 2:27. You just couldn’t get ahold of the damn puck?”

Evidently not, Marc.

“Nashville was really bringing it,” Moser admitted. “They earned that tie; I’m going to give them that.”

Uh, actually Marc, you might want to check again. I’m pretty sure the Predators walked away with two points Monday night.

The full video of Moser’s rant is below for your viewing pleasure.